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Relax ~ Unwind ~ Be at one

Welcome to FireBeans! Here you can find information on Distant Healing, Energy Clearing, Animal Healing, Self-Help and how to book an appointment with me, Katy.

Healing is a wonderfully relaxing experience that can help relieve a whole range of symptoms from migraines and back problems to chronic pain, stress, panic attacks, anxiety and depression.

Take a look through the menu on the left for more details or contact me if you need more information.

My healing services include:

* Distant healing ~ Wherever you are in the world, I can send you powerful energy healing.

* Animal healing and communication ~ I have a great connection with animals and a passion for helping them through their troubles - face to face and via distant healing. Face to face I have most experience with small animals, and my areas of particular expertise are rabbits and dogs.

Essential Oils ~ and Chasing the Light not the Storm
I've been experimenting more with essential oils recently, both directly on me (diluted with a carrier oil) or sent to myself or others through distant healing. And just last night I discovered someth ... read more
22/10/2016 09:03:08

Hello again friends
So it has been a Very long time since I last blogged! There has been soooo much going on for me, I've wanted to write but not known where to start. But finally today I feel I can just start where I'm ... read more
22/10/2016 08:43:30

Join in sending positive energy ~ March 2011
I have recently discovered a new method of healing where I can send healing to a person, pet/animal, property or place in the world continuously, day in, day out. Using this principle I have set up a ... read more
19/06/2015 17:24:08

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